Macklemore & Ryan Lewis cancel Tel Aviv show

By Time Out Israel Writers

Unfortunately, what was set up to be an amazing evening of hip hop in Tel Aviv will leave a void in the hearts of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fans. It was officially announced that the duo will be cancelling their show on July 18th due to scheduling conflicts.

Here is the official statement from their promoter:

"We will regretfully have to cancel the M&RL in tel aviv on july 18 due to unexpected scheduling conflicts. M&RL sincerely apologize and look forward to making this up to their fans."

How they will make it up to their fans is yet to be determined. Fingers crossed for another visit down the road, but for now, we'll just have to look forward to the other incredible international talents heading our way this summer, like Britney, Guns N' Roses, and Radiohead. Plus, don't miss Gogol Bordello only a day away! Check out Time Out's exclusive interview with the gypsy punk legend himself.

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