Offline Dating: 4 unexpected places to meet your match

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Kristof Steiner

Lay off the hook up apps for a change, and find that special someone one in the most unassuming locales in Israel. Everyone knows love is in the air at festivals, beaches, and main stream clubs – but only a few open their hearts and eyes for romance to come along at these very special places. Get your search on.

By the Western Wall


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They say making a wish by the Western Wall will guarantee you a bright future – and that goes for relationships goals as well. The last remaining wall of the once upon a time Jewish temple is now a spiritual melting pot of tourists, local soul searchers, curious travelers and religious peeps of many kind from conservative to liberal. Now days when transgender individuals are finally allowed to pick their side of the wall – as ladies and gents pray separately – Jerusalem’s main attraction really is a place for lookin’ out for someone with an irresistible za-za-zoo. 

For organized walks and more information about the Kotel visit (

At the Old City of Jaffa


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Whoever thinks Arab subculture and homosexuality are not a good match should watch groundbreaking documentary Oriented, telling the story of the gay Palestinians of Jaffa. Tel Aviv’s old town is often mistaken with dodgy and strictly traditional neighborhoods by people who’ve never been, but the stereotypes could not be more far away from reality. Visit Anna Lou Lou bar, a popular underground art and music hub for open minded Jews and Arabs, and you’ll quickly understand: Jaffa is just as gay-friendly as central Tel Aviv.

2 HaPninim St, Tel Aviv (

At a protest


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It doesn’t matter if it’s a conflict with a surrounding country, a local law coming into effect that’s limiting the community, or a misdeed against animals, Israel’s citizens won’t remain silent. Protests and petitions, fund raisers and other philanthropic social events are held week after week on the streets and community centers. Get involved in the work of dozens of LGBTQ human rights organizations – such as IGY for struggling LGBT teens, the Jerusalem Open House, or the Gay Center of Tel Aviv, and meet volunteers who are on the same page as you. You might save the world together – and who knows, maybe even fall in love. 

 Read about all the organizations and ongoing activism projects of Israel at (

At a synagogue

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When the question “What are you doing for Friday night?” comes up we rarely hear someone lookin’ for the big L saying “I’m gonna be hanging out by the Torah”. Yet who says that finding Mr. / Mrs. Right can’t happen at the Synagogue? Nowadays there are dozens of LGBTQ-friendly prayer houses and religious communities all across Israel, and their rabbis agree: gay people must feel at home, and the communities should open their arms for them regardless of sexual orientation.

More info on LGBTQ friendly Shabbat services: (

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