Onza’s new dessert menu reveals secret recipes from Turkish moms

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Keren Brown
Onza is one of Jaffa’s most popular spots for those who want to eat and party at the same time–and it has just got in touch with its feminine side. This is all thanks to its new dessert menu, which focuses on the desserts of a select group of Turkish women.
The Jewish community in Turkey is one of the most interesting and influential in the area, and here you can see how versatile and colorful their dessert recipes can be when you get them from the mother source.
Chefs Arik Darhani and Muli Magriso went on a gastronomic journey to unlock the hidden recipes and stories behind the best Turkish desserts. To add further to the depth of culture that they bring, each one comes with its own story to tell. Chef Muli even brought his Mom’s desserts to the menu, and you can try them all–with a modern twist–at Onza.

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The Dessert: Ruth Oliver’s Chalva DeSemola
Oliver shares her signature dessert made of semolina, tahini, and milk–essentially a huge cookie studded with pine nuts.
The Inspiration: Women tend to bring this dessert to the bride on the day of her wedding, which will indeed mean that she will enjoy a rich and sweet marriage.
The Dessert: Corin Machali’s Tulumba
Corin’s tulumba is made from dough rolled up into an oval shape, which is fried then dipped in sugar water. It’s then ready to be eaten with kaymak, a Turkish clotted cream. At Onza, it is served with sugar syrup and rose water.
The Inspiration: Tulumba is usually served around the holidays and made in big batches so it can be served to everyone in the living room all at once.
The Dessert: Chef Muli’s Mom’s (Levana Magriso) Kabak Tatlisi
Small pieces of pumpkin, sugared and candied, then served with pistachios and kaymak.
The Inspiration: This dessert is inspired by the Turkish method of caramelizing fruits and veggies. In the family spirit, they are always made by hand, and in Turkey, they are typically served with kaymak and pistachios.

© Anatoly Michaello

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