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Stay up late and create at Jerusalem’s ‘Night Creators’ festival

   night creators
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After a successful first month in December, the Night Creators two-month festival will showcase dozens of genres in Jerusalem’s night venues with a total of 69 events by the end if January. Sponsored by the Jerusalem Municipality, 23 event organizers will each run a series of three events revolving around a certain theme. From poetry to pop-ups, tattoos to trombones, high heels to tap shoes, these free or affordable will have you wondering if Tel Aviv’s truly the nonstop city. Here are some highlights to prepare for:

Kolbo Pergamom

Nothing’s more exciting that a limited-time sale, except maybe a limited time market. These three pop-up markets on Horkanos Street expose the public to the theme of street culture.
DON’T MISS: Bicycle Kolbo
bike kolbo

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Bike’s a little squeaky from the rainy weather? Swing by the Pergamon courtyard for a quick fix. The pop-up bike shop will have tuning stations, bicycle accessories for sale and more. Plus, live music, stuffed pitas, and…count it…TWO bars. With free entrance, what’s not to love (Jan 27, Pergamon).



The name alone sparks enough intrigue to attend one of these three events at Hamifletzet, the new community pub in Kiryat Yovel. In-house jam sessions, carpentry, gardening and Moroccan-style partying all night long make up the Monstering scene, all set to live music.
DON’T MISS: Community Garden & Jam Session
global beats

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Before even entering a pub, the atmosphere is determined from the outside. Come learn gardening techniques, while transforming the outdoor space of the Mifletzet Pub into a community garden. Rumour has it that the accompanying in-house jam session, Jamifletzet, helps the plants grow faster (Jan 21, Hamifletzet Pub).


High Heels

Brought to you by the Jerusalem Open House, these three LGBTQ spectacles bring performance art, drag and spoken word some much-needed flare. Whoever said Tel Aviv is the only gay-friendly city in Israel hasn’t seen these flamboyant acts.
DON’T MISS: Spot Performance
In this double-venue event, Queer performance artists will swing by Bolinat and Birman for a hilarious night of laughter, possibly some tears, and a whole lot of Queers. There is a surprise final act so you’ll have to come to the show to find out what’s in store (Bolinat and Birman).

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