Stop! Jaffa Time! : more free outdoor cinema, only this

By Sol Gruffy 1 (DO NOT USE)

June's free outdoor movie screenings at Gan HaPisga were a hit, reeling in hundreds of moviegoers each week. So much so that the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, the Department of Performances, and the Old Jaffa Development Company, together with the "Third Ear," decided to continue the screening series through July. However, this time, they're shifting gears from documentary to bringing the beats with musicals and music-related films.

The screenings will take place every week in July on Wednesdays and will allow visitors to enjoy a great open air experience with the magical Jaffa atmosphere as their backdrop. The theme: the most influential music films of all time. The series of films will end with Damien Chazelle's acclaimed "La La Land," which brought the musical genre back to center stage and was nominated for 14 Academy Awards.

Up first, "Singles" on July 5th. This film is written by the once-music journalist turned directing legend, Cameron Crowe, and depicts the lives of several characters sharing one apartment complex in early 90's Seattle. Matt Dillon is the soloist of a band called "Citizen Dick," who is struggling with his love for Janet (Bridget Fonda). In contrast, Steve (Campbell Scott) meets Linda at the club and the two break into a stormy relationship. The soundtrack includes songs by Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Mudhoney, and Alice in Chains. The film won the MTV Award for Best Soundtrack.

The second screening, which will be held on July 12th, will be "Amy." The documentary captures the life, success, and tragic death of Amy Winehouse–the rare, talented singer who developed complex relationships with drugs and alcohol. The film describes her relationship with her family, the media, and her struggle of coping with meteoric success. In the story of a once-a-generation talent that caught the attention of everyone: "loved and wanted by millions, then crashing in front of the cameras," her hypnotic image will not leave you indifferent.

The third screening will keep the icons coming with "Purple Rain," which features Prince and will be held on July 19th. Prince is a talented musician with a promising career who meets a successful singer with promise. But the destructive behavior inherited from his father disrupts everything and teaches him that talent is not everything. The theme song and the soundtrack were nominated and won many awards, including an Oscar.

The fourth and final screening, which will be held on July 26th, ends with a bang: "La La Land." Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone play two young artists, a jazz musician and an actress living in the City of Stars. Their careers are shuffling, but their dreams are limitless. They fall in love, but their budding professional successes pose a threat to their relationship. The film won 14 Oscars.


Every Wednesday, 20:30. Gan HaPisga, entrance is free.

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