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Tel Aviv hosts: TEDxWhiteCity

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Ever since its inaugural conference in 2015 featuring Shimon Peres, TEDxWhiteCity has become one of the Middle East’s largest and most-anticipated TEDx events, and this year’s event is just around the corner. At the end of the month, over one thousand participants will assemble at Tel Aviv’s Opera-Performing Arts Center for a lecture-filled day on the topic, Destination: Unknown. From entrepreneurs and organizations to students and soldiers, this year’s TEDxWhiteCity draws on the fields of technology, education and art to delve into the unknown and help shape our common future.

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Here’s a sneak peak at 2017's inspirational panel to get your innovative minds spinning before the conference:

Eran Katz has delivered more than 2000 seminars on memory and brainpower, so it’s fare to say TEDxWhiteCity is not his first rodeo. On top of being a professional speaker, brain enthusiast and best-selling author, he is also the founder of Smart Memory LTD – a company striving to improve memory through online courses.
Ori Sasson is an Olympic medalist judoka from Israel who is currently ranked 3rd in the field. Besides training for the 2020 Olympics, Ori is simultaneously working towards a BA in psychology. He works very hard in his community to inspire perseverance through hardship and the courage to face challenges.


Ori Sasson
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Tuvya Amsel specializes in human integrity and credibility in his career as criminal investigator, polygraph examiner, researcher and innovator. He has interviewed over 35, 000 individuals (in small businesses and mega corporations) in America and Asia and has written law enforcement manuals and columns for polygraph magazines. 


Jan 25, 10:00-18:00. Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, 19 Sha'ul HaMelech Blvd.
Early bird tickets: 165-225 NIS. Regular tickets: 215-275 NIS. Limited tickets available at