Tel Aviv's first 100% vegan market just opened in the Shuk HaCarmel


HaGal HaYarok is destined to be a chain inviting all vegans, vegan-curious, and omnivorous types to find the best vegan products from around the world in one central location—and at notably cheaper prices, too.


Of all the unique things about Tel Aviv, most people don’t seem to realize just how big the city’s vegan population really is. Unlike most cities, there is no need to seek a vegan restaurant because every restaurant has vegan options and most even have an entire vegan menu. Soy milk and almond milk are staples at every café in the city, while major chains have extensive vegan options available. It seems only natural that the next step for Tel Aviv would be the establishment of a vegan market.


The inspiration for HaGal HaYarok comes from Veganz, the world-renowned  European supermarket chain. No eggs, no dairy, no problem. Not even a drop of honey can be included in the ingredients of products featured here. Every item is checked to insure that they’re truly vegan.


The seasoned entrepreneurs behind HaGal HaYarok have been in the industry for many years. Eylon Zakzer, importer of food specialty products, and Rafael Avraham, the name behind the iconic specialty market chain, East and West, have both been in the industry for over 20 years.


The goal for the new vegan market is simple: to show people that eating vegan can be convenient for everyone. On the store’s shelves, you’ll find baked goods of all kinds and hard-to-find Asian, Mexican, and exotic ingredients. There is also a great selection of dairy-free cheeses, ice creams, and a huge assortment of vegan proteins including vegan cold cuts and egg-free omelet mixes. There will be demonstrations for products to encourage people to cook out-of-the-box.


The  company’s private label (HaGal HaYarok) includes a wide selection of veggie patties and other legume-inspired products, all made by the African Hebrew Israelites of Dimona, the tight-knit community known for their vegan lifestyle and very low disease rate.


HaGal HaYarok is located at 50 HaCarmel (corner of Hashomer). Stop by the vegan market to stock up on all your vegan necessities and specialty foods.

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