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Tel Aviv's Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar places in The World's 50 Best Bars

Louisiana Breeze
Courtesy of Imperial Craft Louisiana Breeze

Drink up Johnny! The World's 50 Best Bars annual list, which celebrates the cream of the crop in the international drink industry, was announced this month in London and guess who made the list...again?


Burn the Witch
Courtesy of Imperial Craft


That's right boys and girls. After more than 500 drink experts spanning the globe ranked the cocktail contenders, Imperial Craft snuck its way onto the list–nabbing the 50th and final spot.

Courtesy of Imperial Craft

Some like to think of 50 out of 50 as "last place," but we see things differently: 50/50 looks like a perfect score, now doesn't it? Plus, in winning The Best Bar in the Middle East & Africa award (sponsored by Asahi), the quaint cocktail bar that broke the Middle Eastern mould has rightfully earned its fame. Don't believe us? Head over there and see for yourselves...