The construction of Eilat's largest ever water park is underway

By Jennifer Greenberg
If there's one thing we can all agree on about Eilat, it's that it's hot! Not just Israel hot, either. No, no, Eilat redefines the meaning of heat. So how do you survive down south when you can practically see the heat waves flashing before your eyes? Simple: a larger-than-life water park!
Thanks to a $120 million investment, approved by the South's District Committee, the new water park will cover an impressive area of 110 hectares and sit at the northern entrance to the city. The park's theme focuses on the 'prehistoric' (the first of its kind in the country), and will include life-size dinosaur replicas, special effects of all kinds, plus sports facilities, a water club, an air-conditioned game gym for children ages 2-12, and even a spa center with advanced therapy pools for adults.
This new attraction will definitely draw in a great crowd (up to 25, 000 people to be exact) with their big shows, competitions, and fun and interesting information about dinosaurs and the ancient period in which they lived.
Finally, despite its large scale, the park aims to be environmentally friendly, and plans to include 20 acres of solar panels as one of its energy sources and a water recycling system as another.

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