The Contour jewelry label blends a stylish mix of geometry and design

By Sharon Feiereisen
Lior Shulak-Hai and Galit Barak – both graduates of the prestigious Shenkar Design College – have a knack for clean, minimalist designs with unforgettable twists. Relying heavily on architectural details and texture-inspired touches (think ruffled edges), the duo have both a costume jewelry and a fine jewelry line. Here, the designers let us in on their process, aesthetic, and what’s to come. 
Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
We’re both honor graduates of the jewelry department at Shenkar and have a decade of experience in the jewelry field. We interned in London [Lior at Marks & Spencer and Galit at Meller] and each owned our own business before we merged. In 2015, we established Contour and opened our studio where our vision of bespoke handmade jewelry came into creation.
What is your work process?

We start with an inspiration board reflecting our current interests, shapes and layouts. We usually find our inspiration in architecture, art and industrial design. Then we sketch and work on a 3D model, enabling us to fully develop a piece, while checking scale, weight and deconstructing shapes.
How would you describe your jewelry range?
Our jewelry integrates clean and minimal elements with a fashion-forward approach. We have set ourselves a goal to stretch the boundaries of classic jewelry and to be an alternative for the urban woman who is looking for a combination of minimalism and sophistication. While our aim is innovation, it’s important for us to always offer a selection of different jewelry sizes and prices, so that everyone will be able to find the right item.

© Merav Ben Loulou

How do your fine and fashion lines compare?
Our dedication to geometric aesthetics is reflected in both lines. Each design is architectural yet feminine and strikes a balance between tough and tender. 
How do you think Israelis’ taste in jewelry compares to other fashionable countries?
We find that taste in jewelry is an individual thing that might be related to many different elements like global trends, sentimental feelings, self-expression or symbolism. Because of Israel's warm weather people usually don't like to wear large and heavy pieces of jewelry and prefer to keep it light. 
What’s next?
We’re collaborating with the diamond trader Guy Snir on a challenging project: a low priced fine collection of gold and diamond jewelry that will cost $100-$350.

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