The Prettimess Collective

By Time Out Israel Writers

With multicolored murals, tattoo parlors and hipster cafes, Tel Aviv’s hip Florentin neighborhood is an ideal playground for the unexpected. Amongst its many sub-communities is the Prettimess Collective, a community for like-minded artists. Prettimess is the brainchild of illustrator Boaz Sides aka UNTAY and the artisans behind DaSilva boards Ben Kaufman and Alon Meiri.


© Yonil

By opening a gallery they want to gather and showcase local designers, painters and illustrators who share a passion for the alternative street art scene. So rather than having a traditional gallery owner-artist relationship, Prettimess is one big family-style community that does it all. The artists are able to collaborate in harmony, bringing together their individual styles and create wonderfully surreal paintings (and boards) for the Telavivian streets.


© Untay

In fact if you look hard enough, you’ll start recognizing some of the murals around Tel Aviv, with recurring signatures such as UNTAY, DIOZ and Brothers of Light. 

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