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The wandering troubadour

© Elliott Landy
Bob Dylan is a man of many layers. Throughout his life, he has taken on many personas: folk singer, rock star, radio personality, lover, family man, Jew, poet, painter, legend. Peeling away at those layers reveals the true depth of his personas. Here lies the mission of Amitai Achiman and Asaf Galay, exhibition curators of Forever Young – Bob Dylan at 75.

© Elliott Landy




Upon entering the exhibit, there is no chronological map, no history laid out in a linear fashion. Rather, the artifacts are presented like an onion. The room’s unique layout forces the visitor to peel away at each layer, discovering more as they delve deeper. From the outer layer, which features original Elliott Landy prints – Dylan’s most prolific photographer – to a Mobius strip of album covers spiraling around the center to set-pieces in each corner (like the cluttered desk of a ‘Dylanologist’ or the items that define Robert Zimmerman’s early career: an acoustic guitar, a harmonica, a hat and a tree stump), Forever Young is a refreshing addition to the museum’s new wing.

© Elliott Landy




“Dylan is one of the most important Jews of the 20th century,” shares Amitai. “If you think outside the box, his music is as Jewish as Klezmer…which is why we put him here. The Jewish Museum is his place”.
The exhibition is currently on display at The Museum of The Jewish People. Sun-Wed 10:00, Thu 10:00-22:30, Fri 09:00-14:00, Sat 10:00-15:00. Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv (bh.org.il)
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