Time Out asks: "What do you wish you were told before moving to Israel?"

By Time Out Israel Writers
Liat Cara King That a mini carton of milk isn't always milk, it's usually sour milk.
Gabriel Lifschitz That the Jewish cuisine here includes humus and falafel and no kreplaj and barenikes as they told us when we were kids.
Sarah Raanan Learn very quickly how to do online shopping.
Shanie Cornwall Elimelech I wish someone would have told me that VERY likely, whilst standing in the queue at the supermarket, someone would come up behind me and say "I was here before you."
Wayne Barry Gordon Get your tofes yarok for the drivers license in the first week of getting here. Everybody thinks that there is time to do this, but there is not.
Jenny Greenberg While it's a bagillion degrees in the summer, leaving every single pair of pants, sweaters, (and most importantly, infinity scarves) in Canada was a HUGE mistake.
Sarah Mador There are no rules here...or lines...or customer service. Also, finding an apartment usually involves a fight to the death.
Leah Sass Make sure you have a good support system – one really reliable person who is available for you until you make friends and get settled.
Julie Anne You have to heat your dood up to shower in the winter unless you want frost bite.
Marian Paroo That a lot of what you heard is true, you were just too stubborn and brainwashed to believe them.

Marshalle Grody Don't be alarmed when everyone honks all the time. Also, don't book a return flight just yet.

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