Top Israeli fashion bloggers you need to follow on Instagram

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Sol Gruffy

In a world where you can gain fame in the simple act of posting a video on Youtube or opening your own Instagram account, Instagram has quickly become the most successful tool for fashion inspiration. Instagram bloggers from all around the world have millions of followers and every self-respecting fashionista must have an account and follow all the important people. Here's a glimpse at the most influential Israeli fashion bloggers you need to know today who are also recognized by top world fashion magazines.


Asaf Liberfrund  

31-year-old street fashion photographer with 25.2K followers, photographing in Israel and all around the world. Asaf manages to maintain a style that people can associate with him even when the location, the people, and the clothes change.



Liron Eini   

23-year-old Insta-Blogger with 28.1K followers. Liron was named the Israeli version of Kylie Jenner by American Vogue this year. Her feed is pop-like and colorful with a noticeable color block theme.


Meital Weinberg Adar

Israeli fashion Instagrammer with 38.2K followers. Her intimate feed combines fashion and daily life in a nonchalant and spontaneous manner.


Nastya Lisinsky

Model-like Nastya has the biggest following of this list with 62.4K followers, she combines photos filled with personal style in her everyday life with her two children and a dog.


Korin Avraham

37-year-old Insta-blogger with 52.1K  followers. Korin is a former lawyer that photographs herself at fashion events around the world. She was recommended by one of the world's biggest fashion magazines - Harper's Bazaar.


Roza Sinaysky

A 33-year-old fashion journalist, stylist, and blogger with 22.1K followers. Her luxurious feed combines lifestyle and fashion from all around the world.


LeeAnn Mor

LeeAnn is a young Instagrammer turned successful model. With 35.3K followers, her feed is full of extremely edgy fashion and shooting styles.

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