Toy Story: Holon embraces nostalgia with 2 kid-friendly exhibits

By Jennifer Greenberg

Toy Visit 2


© Ron Yehezkel

Take a nostalgic journey to the world of transportation toys from the 20th century.

It has taken Beni Yeruham decades of diligent collecting to acquire each and every car, plane, and boat on display in this brand new exhibit at the Beit Meirov Gallery. Alongside the toys made from tin, iron, and wood, the exhibition will showcase the contemporary interpretations of the 'toy car' as a concept by students of the Holon Institute of technology.


© Ron Yehezkel

Throughout the 20th century, toy cars underwent significant design and technological changes – from a primitive four-wheeled wooden block to model cars with functioning doors and an interior space full of details. This exhibition is a continuation of the "Toy Visit" exhibition, which was at the gallery two years ago under the curation of Hanna Herzman.

The Beit Meirov Gallery, 31 Herzfeld St, Holon. Tue-Thu 17:00-20:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-13:00. Free Admission

Bedtime Stories

come to me

© Jude Moskowitz

 Designer: Maor Zabar

With the participation of Na'ama Bezalel and a wide host of designers comes a whimsical design exhibition for the children within all of us.

Costumes and accessories have always played an important role in children's stories and have taken on a language of their own. The designers participating in the exhibition created, through design, color, fabric, and other materials, a different meaning for the stories they chose, one that transgresses their literal meaning.

For example, Na'ama Bezalel designed a dress inspired by "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" that contains some of the famous motifs of Snow White's dress, such as the collar and sleeves, but gave them a twist with her own personal touches. She stripped the dress of its innocence and gave it a new feminine power in the form of the color red - a symbol of life, strength, vitality, fertility, love, passion, fire, energy, and power. The red color also relates to the beauty of Snow White whereby "her hair is completely black, her skin is snow white, and her lips are as red as blood."


© Zadok Ovadia

 Designer: Hagit Barna


Exhibition open July 1st at the HaChava Gallery, 1 Hanechoshet St, Holon

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