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Trick or treat: the full guide to Halloween events and parties in Tel Aviv

Trick or treat: the full guide to Halloween events and parties in Tel Aviv
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You know, we haven't had a holiday for quite some time now, so why not steal one from the non-Jews? It seems that every year, more and more clubs are jumping on the Christian Purim bandwagon and providing the Tel Aviv crowd with another chance to pull out those crazy outfits from their closets. Pumpkins, smoke machines, and horror film screenings–all the characteristics of classic Halloween parties–have already settled in local clubs. Here's a list of options for the night of sins in the capital of sinners.
Halloween @ Patio Bar
Welcome to the Halloween party for kids 25 and up who just cannot stop dressing up. Alcohol, pumpkins, and everything necessary for a good party.

Oct 26, 22:00. NIS 10

Halloween @ Duplex
This huge party spreads out on four broad areas where the hip hop will be played at its best, with rock, nostalgia, and touches of reggaeton. Above all - guaranteed sweets! On the stand: DJ Ami.

Oct 27, 23:00. NIS 50

Halloween @ Pasaz
Frightening, creepy, and all the adjectives that are downright Halloween. Plus, rotating DJ's and a lot of dancing.

Oct 28, 15:00. NIS 40

The Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Rav Chen Dizengoff
The cult film with the most infectious soundtrack of all times returns to Rav Chen Dizengoff cinema for a live screening with actors. The audience is invited to come dressed in fishnets or their favorite character and sing along as they take a road trip to Transylvania.

Oct 31, 00:30. NIS 55

Halloween Karaoke Night @ Temptation
What's more frightening than a friend who pushes you to sing karaoke? When it happens in a room of demons and monsters. Good luck!

Oct 31, 20:00

Halloween @ Potion Bar
Potion invites you to a dark celebration including a wicked costume contest. Who said you had to wait for Purim?

Oct 31, 21:00



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