What's behind that red door all the foodies are visiting?

By Keren Brown

The city’s abuzz about the humongous red door located in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv’s famous city center. Behind the mysterious door hides Ca-Phe Hanoi, a new Vietnamese and French restaurant with a modern and stylish world-class look, a laid-back vibe, and trippy bathrooms that will mess with your head.


The restaurant boasts a large cocktail bar full of fun drink combinations like the Lychee Mojito, made of rum, lychee, mint and lime soda, and creative juice blends like passion fruit and pepper, or matcha and coconut milk. All of this is served alongside a menu of bites with innovative mixes and combinations. The cocktail menu was developed by key players in the Tel Aviv bar world, Dan Kraicer and Yotam Shilo, both behind the award-winning Spicehaus and Double Standard.

Ca-Phe Hanoi

© Nimrod Sanders

Vietnamese spring rolls, steamed fish in banana leaves, 7-hour star-anise and cinnamon-infused pho, chicken with ginger and lemongrass, and a long list of local seasonal spices and exotic ingredients are combined to round out an extensive and inventive menu.

On Ca-Phe Hanoi ’s dessert menu, you’ll find a matcha ice cream sandwich and other creative Asian inspired sweets to complete the dining experience.

The unique and fashionable design of this spot was dreamt up by Segolene Getti, a well-known creative interior designer, who worked with Philippe Starck. Ca-Phe Hanoi is part of a group of Parisian restaurants by Claude Luzon and Emmanuelle Dayan, known for helming up to 40 restaurants in Paris and around the world. In addition to its distinctive and colorful menu, the items are all kosher-style (without a teuda for now).

Ca-Phe Hanoi

© Nimrod Saunders

Ca-Phe Hanoi is located at 3 Malkhei Yisra'el St, Tel Aviv

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