Word on the Street: 7 ridiculous things we've overheard in Tel Aviv this month (October 2017)

Written by
Time Out Israel Writers
He rose above his station, he was like Alexander Hamilton.
Who needs a boyfriend? All I need is this shirt.
Life in Color, Live Park Rishon Lezion
Did you hear Yullia has this new fat melting treatment?
For humans or shawarma?
This girl has some weird things going on with a cucumber, dude.
Shuk Tsafon
Drinking champagne at a concert is like going to a concert with earplugs.
Coffee Shop 51
If sex taught me anything it’s that it’s not black or white.
Lev Cinema
That girl is no one-trick pony.
Yeah, she’s a show pony.
Dizzy Frishdon

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