Word on the Street: 8 ridiculous things we've overheard in Tel Aviv this month (September 2017)

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Time Out Israel Writers
It was Descartes, he's far from a desperate woman!
Beit Hapsanter
Who's the bewildered standbyer?
Habima Coffee Kiosk
I'm going to my final MASA event and then going to Shalvata to find someone to have sex with.
Sarona Market
I've never once had a good experience in the bathrooms here.
Kuli Alma
I don't know how my dad believes in God, and then I look at my mom.
Gordon Beach
How do you do a podcast about yogurt?
Or I could be an adult and not eat stale, miniature chocolates.
Gan Hapisga
I just want to take off all my clothes and curl up by the computer monitors.
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