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Yemenite spice: a guide to Kerem HaTeimanim, Tel Aviv’s latest LGBTQ hotspot

The Kerem
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Ready to party village-style? The up-and-coming neighborhood of Kerem HaTeimanim by the Carmel Market is just a minute away from the sandy beach and filled with cool bars, cafés and to-die-for hummus restaurants. So, it’s no surprise that it’s also starting to become the latest LGBTQ hotspot in the city. In the heart of Tel Aviv, Kerem HaTeimanim, a.k.a., the Yemenite Quarter, is one of the most authentic areas of town. It takes a true insider to guide you to the hottest spots without getting lost in the labyrinth-like, curvy streets of the Kerem. Here with a top selection of where to eat, drink, dance and play in the hip neighborhood known as Kerem HaTeimanim, or simply “The Kerem,” to those in the know.

Where to have coffee and breakfast?

Entering Café Yom Tov is like stepping into a shabby flea market, with the randomly picked furniture channeling “balagan” (the Hebrew expression for hot mess). In the mornings the “café hafuch” (local term for a cappuccino) is creamy, and in the evenings the tapas-like bites are perfect as an easy dinner just before a crazy night of partying.
Cafe Yom Tov

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30 Yom Tov St (054-4257567)

Where to eat?

The eateries of the neighborhood are authentic and traditional, yet generally open-minded and welcoming towards LGBTQ community. Anat’s Kitchen even has a rainbow flag hanging above the door, and the owner, Anat, is always friendly and sweet as she serves the home cooked lunch. Craving hummus? Try Shlomo and Doron’s spicy hummus. For a touch of Africa, the recently opened Balinjera offers the very best of the Ethiopian cuisine.

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Anat’s (0524097455); Solomon & Doron Hummus, 29 Yishkon St (054-6675505); Balinjera, 4 Malan St, Te l Aviv (03-5252527)

Where to go out for a drink or three? 

Beer Bazaar started as a destination for handcrafted Israeli beers, and now it has several locations across the country. The “flagship” restaurant/bar is, of course, found tucked in the Kerem. Try their own brew, the sweet and cloudy “Hatul Shamen” (Chubby Cat), and the vegan sandwich packed with oven-baked sweet potatoes and creamy tahini.
Beer Bazaar

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36 Yishkon St (corner of Yom Tov St) (

Where to stay?

The Pink House for gay singles or couples – and their friends – is a great place to stay in Tel Aviv. The owners are a friendly gay couple, Eyal and Nir, who always welcome you with a smile. You can trust that they’re in the know on how to make the best of this supreme location in the Kerem. Prefer cooking your own breakfast and hosting friends as a local? Consider renting a holiday-home via Sea N’ Rent.
Pink House

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Pink House Gay Apart-Hotel, 33 Alsheikh St (; great holiday homes at 

Where to party?

This hot new club by the market offers cool vibes, pumping music, affordable drinks, and an energetic dance floor. The colorful, painted walls of GhosTown make you feel like you’ve ended up in Mexico, but the drinks remind you that you are indeed partying in the heart of Tel Aviv. The chaser arak – a local spirit with the taste of anise – is served in clay cups, handmade by the owner.
43 Malan St (