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The funniest comedians on the planet...and they're Jewish!

Jews are known to have a sense of humor, but these comedians take it to the next level of laughter

© Frederick M. Brown

Larry David

After co-creating Jerry Seinfeld's hilariously successful sitcom, Larry David decided to take a crack at his own semi-fictional sitcom fame. Curb Your Enthusiasm follows Larry David around Los Angeles and Manhattan as he stars as a semi-retired television writer and producer.

Jeffrey Tambor

Not only was he hilarious as the quirky Oscar Bluth on Arrested Development, Jeffrey Tambor is incredibly convincing in his newest T.V. role as Mort, a man first transitioning in his later years. Transparent is a rare T.V. dramedy that follows a strictly Jewish family and deals with a slew Jewish themes, all of which Tambor portrays with pride.