One. One & One

Dance, Contemporary and experimental
One. One & One
© Rune Abro

Society, spirituality and the self: all merge together in an artistic battle over your senses.

Brought to you by the brilliant mind of renowned choreographer Noa Wertheim (whose internationally famous dance group, The Vertigo Dance Company, has performed nineteen dance shows to date), One. One & One is a masterful dance act that addresses themes as diverse as each person’s yearning for unity, the influence of separation on human space, existentialism and spirituality. Created to celebrate 25 years of ‘The Vertigo Dance Company,’ the show is also a sensory experience, as over the course of this exhilarating performance, the dancers cover the stage with soil.  With powerful and compelling music composed by Avi Balali, One. One & One experiments with visual performance, sounds and smells that actually challenges the viewer’s own imagination. Out of all the shows you may find yourself watching this week, this will be one of the ones leaving the audience's interpretation most divided.

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