Yang Liping Contemporary Dance: Under Siege

Dance, Contemporary and experimental
Yang Liping Contemporary Dance: Under Siege
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Ancient Chinese battle comes to life through a magical combination of dance, opera, music, and intense imagery

Renowned Chinese choreographer and dancer, Yang Liping, creates a breathtaking portrayal of a turning point in Chinese history, described to be full of “beauty, blood and backflipping warlords.” Liping explores the epic battle between the Chu and Han armies, an event which changed the course of Chinese history, through powerful hallucinatory beauty. She combines contemporary dance with Chinese folk dance, gymnastics and hip-hop, Chinese opera with live musicians on stage, and a captivating variety of ominous set pieces, dense with dark symbolism. Prepare to be deeply drawn into this ancient epic tale by Liping’s dramatic and emotional choreography and her visually stunning production.


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