Yasmeen Godder Dance Company

Dance, Contemporary and experimental Tel Aviv - Jaffa
Yasmeen Godder-dance company
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Award winning Israeli choreographer Yasmeen Godder, solo artist and company founder.

Yasmeen Godder was born in Jerusalem and grew up in New York City, where she studied dance at some of the top programs in New York. To date she has created twelve evening-length works, and has been commissioned by some of the top dance companies in Israel and abroad. Yasmeen Godder’s choreography has won her numerous awards, and two books have been written about her work. In 2007, Godder opened a studio in Jaffa, which has become home to her projects, including open classes and workshops, community exchanges, performances, and production support. She performs both solo shows and with collaborators.


Venue name: Yasmeen Godder Dance Company
Address: 1 Hatkuma St
Tel Aviv - Jaffa

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