“Zellem” and “Tonight or Never”

Tamar Borer in Zellem
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Tamar Borer hosts a double-header of duet dance performances.

White gowns, LED lights, visual projections, Butoh style dancing and quotes incorporated into a captivating soundtrack. These are only some of the things you can expect from Tamar Borer's multimedia dance masterpiece. The dancer and choreographer has organized a double-header of duet performances. "Zellem" is choreographed and performed by Tamar herself, while "Tonight or Never" is the creation of Japanese Butoh dancers, Mutsumi and Neiro. Come celebrate the beauty of space and movement in Jaffa this December. 

By: Jennifer Greenberg


Event phone: 03-6822403
Event website: http://www.hateiva.com/
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