Aqua Kef

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Aqua Kef
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A floating water park on the Sea of Galilee offering everything from a chill splash zone, to competitive water sports.

You can practically already hear the screeches of ecstatic glee just reading this. On the Sea of Galilee lies–rather, floats–Aqua Kef; Israel’s premiere water park literally on the water. This multi-compound adventure zone is divided into three sections–family, olympic, and extreme–to suit the needs of children of all ages. Brightly colored inflatable slides, water sports, and challenging obstacle courses guarantee all day, nonstop water play for the whole family.


Venue name: Aqua Kef
Address: Ganim Beach

Opening hours: Sun-Fri 09:00-15:00, Sat Closed
Price: Kids ages 3-6 NIS 35; Kids ages 6-10 NIS 60 (per 45 minute session)
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