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A mini town stimulation for children to experience grown-up life.

Picolonia is a unique simulation of a town where children can “experience” the adult world. This role-playing game for ages 4-9 allows kids to develop social skills while “working” as a waiter, barista, police officer, firefighter, nurse, and beautician, among other professions. They will learn about money in the bank, for use in the “supermarket” or cafe, and begin to understand the world around them “driving” on the road with traffic signs, lights, and a gas station. Picolonia helps children to develop the imagination, while practicing their potential.


Venue name: Picolonia
Address: 8 Natan Alterman

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 9:30-13:30, 16:00-20:00, Fri 9:30-13:30
Price: Single admission children NIS 49, adult NIS 5
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