Lehi Museum

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A museum dedicated to the Israeli resistance to British rule.

The Lehi Museum, in Tel Aviv’s Florentin neighborhood, documents the history of the underground Lehi, the secret resistance during British rule. The museum is the preserved apartment of Lehi founder and Commander, Avraham Stern, and the site of his capture and murder by British police. There is a section devoted to Stern’s life, an exhibition describing the history of the Lehi, archives, a library, and a commemoration hall. The Lehi Museum shares the story of the mostly anonymous fighters, who fought to liberate the State of Israel before 1948.


Venue name: Lehi Museum
Address: 8 Avraham Stern St
Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 8:30-16:00
Price: Single admission NIS 15, seniors/children/students NIS 10
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