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Pachot M’Elef – Street Art Gallery
© Nitzan Gaon

Time Out Says

Israel’s pioneering street art gallery brings street art off the streets and into the galleries.

Commercializing an essentially anti-establishment outdoor art form runs the risk of compromising its character. Yet, bringing them indoors assures the works’ permanence, allows admirers to own them and helps the artists monetize their talent. Though many of the works hanging in the Street Art Gallery mirror those painted on the walls and buildings of the neighborhood, here you can buy the artworks as well as street art phone skins and archive-quality photographs of street art by the internationally renowned Daniel Siboni, who co-owns the gallery with Eli Edri. “The whole story of street art is here in Florentin.”



54 Abarbanel Street
Tel Aviv
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu 12:00-20:00, Fri 10:00-16:00
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