A love triangle of Valentine's Day performances: Bach, hip hop opera and Jane Bordeaux

Love is in the air, and the microphones this V-Day
The City
© Yudan Abadi
By Jennifer Greenberg |

“Where is the love?” Right here in Jerusalem’s top theaters and music venues. There’s no need to try and win over your lover with off-pitch ballads from the 80s; let the professional swooners sing their hearts out for you. This Valentine’s Day, Jerusalem is zapping the sappiness out of the Hallmark holiday and offering up three incredibly authentic music performances to add a touch of Israeli culture to February 14th. Embrace the soothing strings of Bach’s Brandenburg concertos, let Jane Bordeaux’s sweet melodies get you in the mood or take a cue from The City’s hip hop opera and try something new (and kinky...we won’t judge). Don’t forget to dine first at one of the most romantic restaurants in Israel before heading out to one of these three showstoppers. We’re not naive, no need to give you Jerusalem nightlife suggestions for later - after these acts, we know where you’re heading...

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