Avishai Cohen

Music, Jazz
Avishai Cohen (bassist) - Israel tour
© Yogo Higuchi

After months of touring, the Israeli Jazz bassist returns to his homeland for a four-day musical stopover.

Upon moving to New York in 1992, Israeli native Avishai quickly shone under international spotlights, pushing the boundaries of conventional jazz and earning global recognition. Though instrumentally, he identifies as a bassist, Avishai’s contagious stage presence and voice continue to capture audiences worldwide. The legendary Israeli jazz bassist is taking a break from his long international tour to visit the country where it all began. Before heading back out for Europe, Avishai has set up four unique performances in each of Israel's Zappas, starting with Tel Aviv and ending in Herzliya. It would be a shame to miss the unpredictably loveable musician and his performance titled "Avishai Cohen Jazz Free" this month.



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