Cinematic Variation on Live Classical Music: Louis Arsmtrong

Music, Jazz
Louis Armstrong (1955)
© Herbert Behrens / Anefo

The second event of the lecture series honors the jazz great.

“Satchmo”, “Pops”, “Ambassador Satch”— no matter what nickname you use, nothing can do Louis Armstrong’s influence on the 20thcentury jazz scene justice. While it takes a lifetime to fully grasp just how influential trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong was (and still is), we can admire him for his incredible spirit, repertoire and musical abilities. For this second film, music and lecture series, the Jerusalem Cinematheque invites jazz enthusiasts to open their minds to the classical life and times of a great pianist of the 20th century, Arthur Rubenstein, and then tap along to the familiar Dixie-Swing Band repertoire of Louis Armstrong.


By: Jennifer Greenberg