Die Antwoord

Music, Rap, hip-hop and R&B
Die Antwoord

South African rave-rap animals drop chaos on the White City

They’re they’re surreal and satanic, they’re aggressively bizarre and eccentric, they don’t give a f*ck what anyone says, and they’re coming to Tel Aviv. With their outlandish street personas, shocking comments, and disturbing music videos, some say Ninja and Yolandi are satirists, sending ingenious societal statements vibrating through their aggressive sounds. Others might find their animalistic lyrics transgressive, but either way there’s something enticing and thrilling about their wild sound that’s pulling vast attention from all over the world. Their catchy combination of English and Afrikaans rap, insane drums, and electronic pulses, trigger your instinct to throw your body and impulse to scream along to their provocative lyrics. Fear of them, love them, or both, prepare to go rampant experiencing these crazed artists let their freak fly.


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