Music, Folk, country and blues
© Chen Wagshall

Israeli gypsy folk group takes Tel Aviv on a journey “from the forest, the heavens and the depths of the ocean”

In a tribal atmosphere, a family of six musicians explore their musical truth through a fusion of melodic folk, psychedelic klezmer, progressive rock, and ecstatic chanting. Inspired by shamanism, meditation, storytelling, and prayer, the musicians write communally, channeling emotions and philosophies they connect to the forest. Only 3-years-old, back from a European tour, with a new album released just the other week, the up-and-coming group is celebrating spring with an empowering live show. Singer Orka Teppler explains their “concert is like a ceremony. It has a storyboard,” transitioning from expressions of love and fear to more “upbeat and optimistic, more full of light,” until they finish with an ecstatic dance where everyone goes wild in dance. Let Forest guide you through a spiritual and lively adventure this March and “feel the power of the earth and the magic.”


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