Haifa Auditorium

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Haifa Auditorium
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The place to see Israel’s best performances in the northern region.

Located in the center of Mt. Carmel is one of the largest and most unique theaters in the northern region of Israel - the Haifa Auditorium. Bordering the Cinematheque, Rappaport Hall, and Hecht House, it is the heart of the Carmel cultural complex. Its design allows a quality view of the stage from any seat in the house. With fantastic acoustics and sophisticated stage facilities, the best performances from abroad and around Israel are staged at the Haifa Auditorium. The Haifa Symphonic Orchestra, The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and The “Dance in Haifa” series call the auditorium their northern home.



Venue name: Haifa Auditorium
Address: 138 Ha-Nassi Blvd

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