Hot Jazz presents: “Cyrus plays Elvis Presley”

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Hot Jazz presents: "Cyrus plays Elvis Presley"
© John Abbott

Cyrus Chestnut brings a touch of Elvis to Israel’s Hot Jazz Series this March.

Some call him the second coming to Oscar Peterson, others, the next McCoy Tyner. While American jazz pianist Cyrus Chestnut finds these comparisons flattering, he offers his own response: “Only McCoy Tyner can play McCoy Tyner, only Oscar Peterson can play Oscar Peterson, only Art Tatum can tell the story of Art Tatum. I am inspired by these people, but I would never try to be them.” Come see Cyrus Chestnut give his own spin to Elvis Presley classics this month across Israel. For an inside look at the man behind the magic, check out our exclusive interview.

By: Jennifer Greenberg


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