Hungarian National Folk Ensemble

Music, Folk, country and blues
Hungarian National Folk Ensemble
Courtesy of PR

Revel in rich multicultural live music and dance with a moving Jewish tribute

Dozens of dancers, singers, and instrumentalists, including Hungarian violinists, prepare a dynamic combination of vibrant traditions. Coloring a specific area of modern-day Ukraine, Transcarpathia, the ensemble artfully twists together its vast array of different cultures, from Hungarian, Ukrainian, and Russian, to Jewish, Romanian, Czech, and Gypsy. The pieces connect the varied national characteristics while emphasizing their common roots, with a special chapter devoted to Jewish history. Since many of the region’s Jews perished in the Holocaust, the show starts off with projected photos of railways and a soloist singing Avinu Malkeinu before the orchestra shifts to Klezmer, part in Hungarian, part in Hebrew, with dancers performing a wedding dance. Get swept away by this fascinating opportunity to appreciate the compelling and beautiful cultural cornucopia of Hungarian folklore this June.


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