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The talented French-Cuban twin sister duo jazzes up Tel Aviv

Catching the world’s eye with their culturally rich Afro-Cuban music, jazz, beats, and samples, Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz are touring across continents with their second album, Ash. The vibrantly skilled sisters sing in English, French, Spanish, and Yoruba, (the Nigerian language spoken by their ancestors before being taken to Cuba as slaves in the 1700s), and twist traditional instruments like the cajón and Batá drum with piano and sampler. Reflecting personal heritage as well, they sing about hauntingly beautiful memories, creating an emotionally captivating performance. Redefining the future of Afro-Cuban music, fusing hip hop and electronic into the soul of folk songs, Ibeyi is creating a new phenomenon some are calling electro-soul. Don’t miss these up-and-coming multi-cultural legends for their second time sweeping their dynamic and beautiful rhythms across Israel.


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