Nathan Goshen

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Nathan Goshen
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The Israeli born and bred artist who has risen to fame in the last decade, performs his soulful music this month.

A current resident of northern Israel, Nathan Goshen will bring his talent a little south in celebration of the release of his critically acclaimed fourth album “30” earlier this May. The concert will feature popular singles from his newest album such as "26" and "It’s Ours," as well as hits like "Thinking About It," the best-selling single from his 2015 album “Talk to Me More,” which has reached platinum status with more than 80 million downloads worldwide. With poetic lyrics and catchy tunes, Goshen’s songs have afforded him with awards such as ACUM “Composer of the Year” and Galgalatz “Man of the Year,” and his concert promises to be a night of moving, feel-good music.

By: Time Out Israel Writers


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