New Orleans Jazz Festival

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New Orleans Jazz Festival
© Ronen Goldman Swing de Gitanes

A stirring weekend of International jazz virtuosos graces the White City

A handful of the world’s most talented jazz and swing musicians are arriving to Tel Aviv this June for a weekend of soulful live concerts. Between the Recanati Hall and the Asia Auditorium, about half a dozen soulful live jazz performances will take place every night from Thursday through Saturday. The festival will showcase a Louis Armstrong tribute from a mythical post-WW2 band, the Dutch Swing College band. Then in the same evening, catch Swing de Gitanesband, Israel’s leading gypsy jazz band, featuring Russian/Dominican singer-songwriter Fantine, and violinist, clarinetist Yonatan Miller from Cirque Du Soleil. Checkout the full lineup and buy your tickets online now to get swept away by extraordinary intercultural and intergenerational jazz passion.

For the full list of performers check out the Hot Jazz website.


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