Tania Vinokur

Music, Latin and world
Tania Vinokur
Courtesy of PR

Outstanding violinist/singing/dancing talent from Moldova captivates Tel Aviv

Beginning her career at age five as a prodigy studying violin and ballet, Tania became a virtuoso musician and dancer who fell in love with the rhythms of the world, with a special taste for Israel’s cultural melting pot. Inspired by Sephardic, ethnic, classical, and gypsy music, she creatively mixes diverse styles and techniques for a thoroughly innovative and original performance that she executes with riveting energy and perfection. With her band of talented musicians and her combination of masterful violin with dancing, her magnetic theatrical presence is said to beam audiences into a heavenly trance upon her first note. Following her recent performances in Europe, America, Asia, and Central America, don’t miss Tania’s compelling charm and awe-inspiring talent as she performs in the land of her inspiration.


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