Tribute to Leonard Bernstein

Music, Classical and opera
Tribute to Leonard Bernstein
© Niv Shimon The Israeli Vocal Ensemble

Revel in the enchanting melodies of our Jewish classical legends

Honoring the Jewish tradition inspiring international classical, broadway, and jazz culture for decades, musicians are coming together for an exciting combination of Hebrew text, choral narrative, and classic rhythms and harmonies. With a top Israeli harpist, organ player, and pianist, the Israeli Vocal Ensemble’s fourth concert series is dedicated to Leonard Bernstein and Noam Sheriff. The event will showcase a string of songs from West Side Story, The Mass (a 1971 Bernstein theatrical performance of a boys choir and street singer based on the structure of the Catholic mass, accompanied by a large orchestra and electric instruments), Missa Tera Sancta (Sheriff’s Gregorian poetry based on Jewish liturgy), Hashivenu, and more.


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