Yotam Silberstein

Music, Jazz
Yotam Silberstein
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World-renowned Tel Avivian jazz star’s sweet rhythms grace his hometown

Performing with the nation’s top musicians from a young age, Tel Aviv’s jazz prodigy is home from his highly-praised international performances, sweeping major clubs and festivals across four continents. Yotam’s versatile guitar skills, ranging from Brazilian, world music, blues, and bebop, are executed with precision and artistic creativity. Blowing audiences away with his fleet-fingered improvisations, “Yotam’s tones are exquisitely old school but his playing is fresh, fiery and bursting with joyful exuberance.” About to tour his new album, The Village, this time through five continents, his performance will surely take Tel Aviv’s breath away before we proudly send him back out to spread his phenomenal talent even farther across the world.


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