A gift worth wining over

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Shahni Ben-Haim

This unique present is also a positive domino effect for Israeli non-profits and wineries

Wine on the Vine is a local company that sells grape vines to plant on Israeli wineries to then turn into wine for the region. The company was created with three goals in mind: to allow those in far away places to (literally and figuratively) root themselves in Israel, to raise money for causes in the region, and to provide support and connection to a 3,500 year old cultural institution.

Gift givers can buy vines in honor of loved ones as well as select a charity to benefit from the purchase. This meaningful gift conceives a connection to the land and excites gift receivers with a possibility that wine enthusiasts will have the ability to taste their wine.

Vine purchasers can choose among eight different Israeli wineries spread out through Israel, including the Carmel Winery, Gush Etzion Winery, Jezreel Valley Winery, Maia Winery, Psagot Winery, Tabor Winery, Tulip Winery, and Yatir Winery to plant their grapes.

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With each vine only costing $18 it also covers a donation to 13 different Israeli charities, including The Israel Innovation Fund, which provides Hebrew culture for diaspora communities; BINA, which promotes intersectionality within Judaism and social action; Darca Schools, which provides top education for Israeli students regardless of race or religion, from lower socioeconomic backgrounds; Educating for Excellence, striving for equal education opportunities for all in the country; Esek Mishelach, which helps women with economic empowerment; Kolech, which is the first orthodox Jewish feminist movement; The Lone Soldier Center, which helps lone soldiers with guidance and basic needs; Mavoi Satum, a non-profit providing support for women; Roots, an organization for Israelis and Palestinians working together to make change; Save a Child’s Heart, a worldwide organization helping children with cardiac care; Shanti House, providing homes for at-risk youth; Synthesizer, a musical organization that strives to push young musicians beyond their talents into a career; and TIIF Index Fund, which evenly distributes the donations to all of the non-profits.

With the purchase of a vine, you will receive an official certificate with your customization, but with the purchase of five or more vines, you will be able to taste the wine you have created four years after the purchase.

For more information and to donate: wineonthevine.org

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