A Mixed Bag: Musrara Mix Festival


The international multidisciplinary 'Musrara Mix Festival' sets out to discover unexplored territories in music, art and performance 

The annual Musrara Mix Festival continues in its 19th year with the theme 'Displacement". This year they will address displacement in terms of mobility and migration through a variety of discourse and research fields. Expropriation and de-territorialization, disassembly and reconstruction - concepts and patterns of thought that play a central role in artistic discourse, the media, the sciences, philosophy, and psychoanalysis. The festival invites visitors to flow into the streets, out of one connection in exhibition spaces to another in the courtyards and paths of the Musrara neighborhood, and to create possibilities for addressing and discussing the different aspects of these concepts in our lives.

Eitan Bartal Alfa balloon © Assaf Alboher

The international multidisciplinary event, produced by the Naggar Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society, invites the public to "experience the [Musrara] neighborhood, explore its streets, be a guest in the backyards, meet the residents and enjoy some of the best multidisciplinary [arts] made in Israel and the world today."

Tiny Fingerz © Good Mosco

As always, this year's festival aims to embody the political and cultural essence of Jerusalem and further with unique concerts, workshops, public art exhibitions, and more. Among the artists participating in the festival:

Anna Doc G-Jordan (Germany, representative Biennale in Riga in 2018) Enrique Ramirez (Chile, representative at the Venice Biennale in 2017), Sokran Morel (Turkey / Italy), Nina glockner (Germany), "Atlas" - Jan Debel and Mary . G Sao (France / Belgium), representatives To Be Another project Experience - Daniel Gonzalez (Colombia / Spain) and Marta Roel digress (Mexico / Switzerland), Thomas prohibiting (France), photo galleries Hkoaofrtibit- Vienna, Austria (Fotogalerie ), Luciana Kaplun, Ronnie Hajaj, Eitan Bar-Tal, Mika Cantor Shalom, Roy Menachem Markovich, Yossi Mar-Haim and Rafi Blbrski, Permanent Vacation - Dana heart Bennett, NIV Gaffney, string Moran, Mary handsome, providing Grdstiin, bud James, Ronen Eidelman, Lior Pinsky, Eran Sachs, Ilan Green, the various departments in Morasha and many more. 

Atlas Project © Yann Deva

The music festival performances: Main stage: Tiny Fingrz with Shai Ben-Zur, revolted, halo spirit hosts Amir Lev, Hands & Groover Yossi Fine Host Ben Ayalon, a performance for Daniel Rubin, Jamsheed and Anat nurses learn, Omri Mor hosts Abate Berihun and more.

Musrara Mix Festival: May 28-30 (Tuesday-Thursday), between 19:00 and 23:00. Admission is free for all events! (musraramixfest.org.il)

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