A temple dedicated to sex & chocolate is about to open in Tel Aviv

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Shiri Katz

Sex and chocolate are two of the most beautiful creations the world has known since the dawn of mankind, but can they be combined? A new hotspot dedicated to chocolate and sex workshops is set to open in Florentin

Chocolate mogul, Adiel Mor, roams excitedly among the sacks of high-quality chocolate he bought from the best European brands to produce the foundation stones or the taste of lust at the temple he is currently building in south Tel Aviv's Florentin neighborhood. The cocoa butter, cocoa powder, vanilla and sugar - used on regular days as raw material for pastries - are covered in sacks, and their contents are available in varying levels of cocoa solids, from 50% and above. Mor adds maca powder, shredded cocoa beans, roasted coconut, coconut cream, hazelnuts or Atlantic sea salt flowers to the chocolate, creating vegan truffles (6 NIS per unit) and unique chocolate drinks.

© Anatoly Michaello

Mor is also a henna tattoo artist and a facilitator of workshops on human sexuality. (On Sukkot he gave a workshop on sexuality in the Desert Ashram at the celebrated annual festival). During his years of living in Thailand and Goa, Mor studied with an expert vegan food chef on how to roll the perfect truffle, which he sold at a stall in a street food market in Thailand while acquiring knowledge of Indian sexuality.

Adiel Mor © Anatoly Michaello

Mor pours these two worlds into chocolate potions, which he offers here in two formats: one hot chocolate drink, thick with cocoa, and seasoned with chili that will make you understand what the Aztecs understood thousands of years ago - chocolate gives you euphoria and improves sexual prowess. Another cold potion, called the 'cocoa shake' contains raw cocoa, maca, coconut oil and date honey. Patrons are invited to come, drink, experience, and receive guidance. 

On November 29, the official opening will take place with a ceremony that will be open to the general public, and will include jam music and live singing. Everyone is invited to bring musical instruments. Mor hopes that from the temple he built on Washington Avenue, he will be able to create workshops and events that combine his two fields of knowledge. Given the fact that he is interested in two areas that the residents of the Florentine neighborhood really like; Veganism, and the study of sex through food, Mor is going to provide just the right goods here.

© Anatoly Michaello

Coco, Vegan Chocolate Cacao Temple, 30 Washington Blvd, Tel Aviv. 
Sunday-Thursday 16:00 to 23:00 and Friday 10:00 to 16:00, 055-9259593

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