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Bartender Tales: Noy Davidai of The Library Bar

Bartender Tales: Noy Davidai of The Library Bar
© David Loftus
Noy Davidai, bar manager, The Library Bar (inside the Norman Hotel)
How did you get into bartending?
I always liked alcohol and cocktails and was looking for a way to make money off of it instead of just spending on it; my brother’s friend had a bar and he offered me a job at his place.
What's your favorite thing about bartending?
The people you get to meet on the job. I love hosting and a good bartender is the ultimate host. From the moment a person walks into the bar to the moment he leaves, it’s my responsibility to make sure he has the best time and that is what this job is all about.
Have you noticed any trends in the cocktail industry lately?
I think that after the artisanal gin fad we will have a big rum craze–Tiki cocktails are making a comeback.
What's your biggest customer pet peeve?
Customers that think name dropping will get them preferred service/freebies even if they never met the guy. It’s like every second person in Israel went to high school with the owner or manager (that's me!)
Have any crazy bar stories?
Every day in this industry is crazy in its own right.

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