Become an active element of Omer Tiroche Gallery’s living art exhibition, Atelier

Written by
Shoshana Rice

Three incredible artists are giving audiences an exclusive look into their integral artistic experiences by opening up their studios. At this unconventional art exhibition, visitors are not simply invited to be outside observers of the artwork, but rather they’re welcomed into the artists’ creative processes.

Sharon Avraham, a photographer, Boaz Balachsan, a painter and mixed media artist, and Chen Ziv, a sculptor, are all giving us access to their artistic worlds. In addition to their final products, the typically behind-the-scenes creative labor is put on display - the artist’s instruments, work environment, etc. Here, audiences get greater context and a deeper understanding of the artists’ works.

Courtesy of PR

Shifting between conceptual and documentary, Avraham’s photography refers to intimate connections between people and explores atypical scapes for audiences to experience photography. Balachsan “gives form to the formless,” expressing the concept of empathy and our interpretations of it through different mediums. Finally, Ziv’s projects investigate passion through femininity and the complexity of emotions between herself and society, casting raw feelings into bronze sculptures.

Don’t miss this opportunity for an inside look into the creative processes of these three extraordinary artists at their opening reception March 22nd 20:00-22:00, or in their live exhibition running March 23-April 5. A regular exhibition of the art follows from April 10-26. Located at 2 Mazal Moznaim, at the corner of 8 Kikar Kedumim in Old Jaffa, The Omer Tiroche Gallery is open Sun-Thu 10:00-18:00. For more information visit

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