Become one with the music at InDnegev Music Festival

Written by
Shahni Ben-Haim

If you missed Burning Man festivities this year because the proximity was far beyond reach no need to worry, InDnegev Music Festival will fill the void of the love, dust, and music you missed out on.

© Lora Lachman

Experience camping in the middle of the desert with the accompaniment of Israel’s newest top talent in music. Artists like The Lions, Cain and Abel, Tamarada, Amir Lev, and even more will congregate and send good vibes throughout the Negev.

A collaborative effort, InDnegev allows creative minds to contribute. Whether you are an artist, musician, or just go as a spectator you are a part of the experience of coming together for good vibes in the desert. 

© Lora Lachman

So don’t forget your tents, taking place from October 11-13 just in time for the heat to cool off.

InDnegev Music Festival, Oct 11-13

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