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Celebrate International Yoga Day by the Sea

Celebrate International Yoga Day by the Sea
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Whether you’re a yoga veteran or a newbie, there’s no better way to celebrate International Yoga Day than by participating in the “Yoga on the Sea” Festival taking place on June 20 and 21 at the Herzliya Marina.

This two-day yoga festival involves a variety of different Yoga methods, workshops, lectures, classes, meditations and live music all guided by leading instructors in the field including Irena Trovnikov, an international yoga instructor and chief instructor at the studio of Master Dharma Mitra, as well as Orit Ophir who is a certified teacher of vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, pilates, and Qi Gong and who is also the founder and facilitator of the “Yoga at Sunset” project which was started in Herzliya 14 years ago. Most notably among the activities is a Yoga class taught on surfboards which gives participants a unique opportunity to combine their Yoga practice with the relaxation of being on the water.  

In addition, there will be a special screening held of “Yoga Is” which is a film about a woman who, after losing her mother to cancer, decides to embark on a worldwide journey in order to find the spiritual meaning of life and realize her joy of practicing yoga.

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June 20 between the hours of 6:30-11:00 PM

June 21 between the hours of 6:00 AM-6:00 PM

Admission is free, please bring your own exercise mats.